First, I want to THANK all of you for your vote of confidence. I received 13,141 total votes in the general election.

What’s next?

We will have orientation November 28th, swearing in on December 1st, and the 2023 Legislative session begins January 9th.  It will be a busy Thanksgiving, Christmas, and winter for me.  No complaints, I knew what I signed up for.

What’s new?

There are 18 freshmen joining the Senate.  A few of them are coming over from the House or have been elected in past sessions to the Senate.  But we are all considered Freshmen.  There is a total of 35 Idaho State Senators.

Yes, half of your Senate is new.  

What are the top Magic Valley issues that have been voiced to me?
(In no specific order)

  • Water (surface and ground)
  • Inflation
  • Agriculture
  • Transportation (third bridge and poor road conditions)
  • Wind turbines on Public lands
  • Election Integrity
  • Schools and education
  • Health and welfare

I am hearing you, and these are concerns of mine as well.  To work on these issues, all hands must be on deck.  No more armchair politics – that is not fixing anything.  The best place to start is getting to know your legislators and offering your time and talents.

The Magic Valley is made up of 3 districts:
District 24– Senator Glenneda Zuiderveld(R), Rep. Chenele Dixon(R), Rep. Steve Miller(R).
District 25– Senator Linda Hartgen(R), Rep. Lance Clow(R), Rep. Greg Lanting(R).
District 26– Senator Ron Taylor(D), Rep Ned Burns(D), Rep Karma Fitzgerald(D).

My suggestion is that you get all our phone numbers and email addresses. Send an email or call us now to start building relationships. Be ready to use them as we go to the Capitol to vote on issues that will impact and effect you.  Regardless of party, we now represent everyone in our districts, not just our own party.

I need you.

Where can you help?

  1. I need your contact information to keep you all informed.  Go to and sign up for my newsletter. Or send me an email to to share your phone number, so I can send out text alerts on issues that I believe need your immediate attention and action.
  2. I am developing a task force to help me represent you effectively. If you have a specific area of interest that you think I need on my team, reach out and let me know. I will be having a think tank meeting in December.
  3. If you are interested in election integrity and would like to be part of that think tank, the meeting will be December 7th. Send me your contact information, so I can inform you on location and time.  I am also requesting that you read Statute 34 ahead of time.
  4. I would like to hold regular town halls in all 3 of my counties.  If you are interested in working with me to organize dates and locations, that would be a huge help in taking some of this stress off me.  It is important to me to make myself available to all of you.

I appreciate all of you! I love that you all feel comfortable enough to come up to me and introduce yourselves!

Have a blessed Thanksgiving.
Glenneda Zuiderveld