Glenneda On The Issues


Glenneda On The Issues

Medical Freedom

To achieve true medical freedom, we must end our reliance on government programs funded by taxpayers. A significant portion of Idaho’s Health and Welfare programs depends on federal funding, ranging from 60% to 90%, depending on the program. Consequently, many decisions affecting our health freedom are made at the federal level, not locally. Historically, healthcare was provided by churches, charities, and individuals. Imagine the potential transformation in healthcare if we reintroduced a free market. Consider the possibilities for Idahoans if we reduced the $4.4 billion health and welfare appropriation. Lightening this financial load could significantly enhance our state’s overall health.


Protecting Idaho’s sovereignty over our water resources is paramount. We must exercise extreme caution when accepting federal assistance related to our water. As we have witnessed with our public lands, there has been a gradual erosion of state control in favor of increased federal oversight. This trend could extend to our water resources if we do not vigorously oppose any federal funding that comes at the cost of Idaho relinquishing its sovereignty over water.

Election Integrity

Election integrity is the vital lifeblood of our Constitutional Republic, essential for preserving the freedoms and liberties our founding fathers bestowed upon us. Defending and safeguarding our elections is a top priority for me. I am firmly opposed to Ranked Choice Voting, and I sponsored House Bill (H179) on the Senate floor. This bill successfully passed both chambers and was signed into law by the Governor.


Public education should support, not infringe upon, a parent’s right to choose what is best for their child’s education. It should assist in providing the tools for children to learn how to think, rather than dictating what to think. Allowing funding to follow the child will not only enhance our children’s education but also enable educators to utilize their skills in ways that best meet the needs of each child. This approach fosters a more tailored and effective educational environment.

Fiscal Responsibility/Appropriations

The primary responsibility of the Legislative branch is to allocate funds and maintain a balanced budget. But is Idaho’s budget truly balanced? I’ll let you decide after presenting some facts. Over the past four years, Idaho’s budget has increased by 50%, resulting in a $13.9 billion state budget. Remarkably, this budget relies on a debt-ridden national government for up to 43% of its funding. Echoing Dave Ramsey’s words, “we need to start living like no one else, so that later we can live like no one else,” Idaho needs legislators who have the resolve to reject further indebted federal money.

Second Amendment

The Second Amendment, enshrining the right to keep and bear arms, plays a vital role in the framework of American liberties. Its primary purpose extends beyond personal defense; it acts as a safeguard against the erosion of other fundamental rights, including those protected by the First Amendment. By ensuring a populace’s ability to defend itself, the Second Amendment acts as a bulwark against potential overreach by the government. It serves as a reminder and a counterbalance to the concentration of power, reinforcing the principle that ultimate authority lies with the people. In this context, the Second Amendment is not just about the right to bear arms; it is a critical component in the preservation of a free and balanced society, where the government remains accountable to its citizens and where freedoms, like speech and assembly, are protected from encroachment.

Borders and Immigration

The protection of our national borders is a matter of utmost importance, particularly in light of the challenges posed by illegal immigration. In Idaho, the influx of illegal immigration has been accompanied by alarming increases in fentanyl trafficking and human sex trafficking, posing significant threats to public health and safety. Securing our borders is not just about controlling the flow of people; it’s about safeguarding our communities from these dangerous and illegal activities. Effective border security measures are crucial in combating these criminal enterprises, which exploit vulnerable populations and contribute to the spread of illicit drugs. Moreover, a secure border helps maintain the integrity of our immigration system, ensuring that it is fair and just for those who seek to enter legally. It is a critical step in upholding the rule of law and preserving the safety and well-being of our citizens.

First Amendment

The First Amendment, which encompasses the freedoms of speech, religion, press, assembly, and petition, serves as the cornerstone of our Constitutional Republic. Currently, we are facing a critical challenge to these freedoms, as there is a growing trend of using legal tactics, or “lawfare,” to silence individuals. This weaponization of the legal system poses a significant threat to our First Amendment rights, underscoring the urgent need to safeguard these fundamental liberties that are essential to our freedoms.

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