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Who is Glenneda Zuiderveld?

I was born in California and raised in Idaho. My family moved to Jerome, Idaho in 1970 when I was just four years old. Most of my education was completed in Jerome Schools, except for one semester in Hagerman, during the time my family farmed on Bell Rapids.

At the age of 14, I began working as a waitress at the Local Cindy’s truck stop in Jerome. I met my high school sweetheart Tom Zuiderveld while cruising down Main Street before a high school dance. We married shortly after my graduation in 1985. We have been blessed with three remarkable sons, two of whom are army veterans and one an electrician, as well as two daughters-in-law, and four instant grandchildren.

Since 1994, we been self-employed in the dairy industry. Currently, we are independent sales representatives for a synthetic oil manufacturing company.

What motivated me to embark on my political journey was witnessing my sons fight in wars for the freedom of other countries, while observing the erosion of our own fundamental freedoms and liberties. This led me to ponder deeply: What legacy are we leaving for the next generation? What has been left for my own generation? We are confronted with a national debt nearing 34 trillion dollars and an excessively large government, to the extent that the largest employer in Idaho is the state government itself. Additionally, the apparent absence of checks and balances and a lack of transparency are concerning. Rather complain about the problem I decided to be part of the solution.

When I first ran for House Representative in 2018, many people questioned my qualifications for the position. My response was that I am a hard worker, a quick learner, and possess a strong Biblical worldview, believing that God equips those He calls. I likened my situation to that of Noah, who was chosen to build the ark despite not living near the sea or having any experience in shipbuilding.

In 2022, after the Covid lockdowns and witnessing the devastation of people’s lives – much of which I believed could have been avoided – I felt compelled to run again, this time for the Senate. When asked once more about my qualifications, I repeated my earlier answer, but with an added commitment: I promised not to conceal legislation in a drawer, emphasizing transparency and action.

With tremendous effort, long hours, and the invaluable support and hard work of the people in District 24, I successfully became their next State Senator, replacing a 16-year incumbent. Reflecting on my qualifications now that I have a year of experience, I’ve learned that we need more individuals who embody courage, discipline, and obedience. It’s crucial to have representatives who are committed to transparency, ready to expose corruption, and dedicated to representing the interests of the people, not just those of special interest groups.

As I seek re-election to continue serving as your Senator, I am committed to tirelessly working on your behalf. My focus is to defend the beauty and integrity of Idaho, preserve our state’s sovereignty, and uphold the principles of our Constitutional Republic. This commitment extends not only to you but also to your children and grandchildren, ensuring a legacy of freedom and prosperity for future generations.

“Greater love has no one than this, that someone lay down his life for his friends.” John 15:13
In Liberty,

Glenneda Zuiderveld

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