This victory is OURS!  The number of people reaching out to congratulate me is overwhelming, my soul can hardly contain it.  But this victory truly belongs to you.  Yes, I stepped forward and said, “I will go, I will put everything about me on the line to represent you,”  but you the people exercised your freedom to vote. You decided to send who you felt would represent you best, the candidate who would protect our state sovereignty and your God-given individual rights.

Only 37 votes separated me from my opponent! All of you who told your friends to go and vote for me, and why they should vote for me: your efforts were not in vain, take pride and ownership in what you did!

To those who didn’t vote for me, for whatever reasons you had, thank you for showing up and voting, for exercising your liberties.  I will do my best to represent everyone; all 53,121 of you in District 24. For the next two years I will work hard for all.

During my six month job interview, I worked hard and will continue to work hard to build relationships.  I have said over and over, “building relationships builds trust.”  You need to trust me and I need to trust you.  This doesn’t mean we will agree on everything. But at the end of the day we know we can count on each other.

Now it is time to roll up our sleeves and get to work.  There is much to be done, and all hands must be on deck.  First thing I will be doing is holding three town halls, one in each county.  My purpose for this is first to celebrate with you, to thank you, and to get to know you better.  Second, I will be asking for those who are willing to be on my District 24 task force.  I will be gathering my own advisors. This way, I can nicely tell the 400 Lobbyist (or “advisors” as they like to call themselves now) thanks, but no thanks, I brought my own. The Idahoans who make up my task force will be the ones that hired me. I work for you, and your council is what I will seek.  I will be sending out an email of times, dates and locations for these town hall celebrations.  You can also check on my website for these same updates. I ask that you prayerfully seek ways you can help me represent you.

My goals to represent you include:

  • Making sure I am available to and approachable by you
  • Sharing I learn about Idaho’s government with you
  • Including you and encouraging you
  • Upholding the Constitution and making every decision accordingly; our founding documents gives us all common ground
  • Protecting your God-given INDIVIDUAL rights, and making it more possible for every life to pursue happiness.

In closing I want to share my devotion the day after Election Day.

Everyone who competes in a race goes into strict training. They do the training to win, but that win will only last till the next race. We run the race to get a crown in heaven that will last forever.

“Do you not know that those who run in a race all run, but one receives the prize? Run in such a way that you may obtain it.”

1 Corinthians 9:24

Paul described life as a race. He knew God’s goal for him, and he knew that the most important thing was for him to complete the race and keep the faith.

“I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith.” (2 Timothy 4:7)

Paul knew that God had given him goals in life, and he knew that he needed to reach the goal.

We have the attitude of doing as much as possible and running as far as possible, but we often miss the opportunities and missions that God has given us.

To Paul, it was not just doing and running, but he needed to fight the good fight and run the right race. One day, we will all stand before God, and at that time, the biggest regret that we could have would be not reaching the goal that we were supposed to reach.

Paul understood that he needed to race in God’s direction. As soon as you find out what the race is in your life, you must give it your all and make your best effort to claim the rewards that God has prepared for you in Jesus.

We need to devote all that we have in our lives to please God.”

What a race this was! We all worked hard, and this was a team effort. It truly was a relay; there were many legs to the race.  Now we prepare for the next one. We must learn from our mistakes and continue to build on our strengths. What we do today has impact on tomorrow, and effects many lives.

I am honored to be part of District 24 team.  Pray for wisdom, diligence, obedience, confidence, humility and mercifulness for me as I assume the role of your Senator.  Also pray this for all of us as we begin to serve one another.  Part of Idaho’s beauty is not only found in our landscape, but in our people.  You are all beautifully and wonderfully made for a purpose only you can fulfill.

We were created for a time such as this.  Let the next journey begin!

In Liberty,