I recently attended a debate on second amendment issues. The two gubernatorial candidates for governor were for the most part on the same page. There were many things I agreed with and some I did not. I do agree we have the second amendment to protect ourselves, but I would have mentioned the second amendment is not just for protecting ourselves from people wanting to do us harm, but the main purpose for our Founders giving us this amendment was to protect us from a tyrannical government. I hear very few candidates bring that up.

To better understand this I believe we need to read and study the Declaration of Independence first so we can better grasp the purpose of the amendments given to us in the constitution. If we do not read the Declaration of Independence first it is like us reading a sequence of novels out of order. We must first read the first book to be able to follow the story in the following volumes.

Removing guns from citizens will not stop the killing of innocent people. Evil will always find a way to kill, steal and destroy. And we must not be naive or complacent to think that our government is above being evil. We have too much history including the history of America’s existence to know that evil can and will exist in our government if we disarm ourselves not only of the right to bear arms, but to disarm ourselves of the right to air our grievances, to peaceably assemble and vote.

The proper role of government is to preserve our liberties. Not to disarm us.

In Liberty,
Glenneda Zuiderveld