I am asked these questions a lot…

1. What made you decide to run?

My answer: It all started with me praying, “Here I am Lord send me,” and then I just started showing up. When I started showing up to things, I began to have my eyes opened to a lot of injustices. Injustices that grieved my soul, at that point I had to make a decision—am I going to let this grieve me to isolation or grieve me to action?

Obviously, as you can tell it has grieved me to action. As I started educating myself, I learned that our Founders gave us a “Constitutional Republic if you can keep it” according to Benjamin Franklin. Who was the “you” he was speaking of? It was me, it is you, it is “We the People”. It is our responsibility and duty as American citizens to keep it. And with any homeowner, you know that there is more than just enjoying the security of our homes; we must do a lot of maintenance to keep it from falling apart.

So here I am working to be on the maintenance team for our great Idahome!

2. What are you hoping to accomplish on this journey?

My answer: My goals for this journey is, if I can encourage one person to get involved, if I can encourage one person to educate themselves in our History, Declaration of Independence and Constitution, and if I give one person hope that all Liberty is not gone, then no matter the outcome, I will have experienced a victory. I want to enthuse upon people to get engaged, to show up, to not let fear stop them.

We have been electing a lot of people to go represent us that have a lot of so-called credentials; maybe these credentials are getting in the way, causing our Representatives to think they know more than us, what is good for us. I want people to see my courage and faith to step up, that others will rise up and stand with me in fighting to keep our Constitutional Republic. That is what I am hoping to accomplish.

One thought on “I am asked these questions a lot…”

  1. “I am just one person, However, I AM ONE PERSON!!”

    One person at a time Glenn!
    I hope the people know you are the one to vote for!!!

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