Remember what your elected officials have done to your liberties and freedoms.  They are not representing the people and are doing the work of the corporations who seek to infringe on our God-given individual, inalienable rights.

Senator Patrick had the opportunity to represent his constituents but failed to do so many times. Here are a few examples:

  • He drawer’d HB140 (Medical Consumer Protection Act) that passed the House. This bill, “adds to existing law to prohibit discrimination against certain persons on the basis of their vaccination status and to prohibit state contracts with companies that engage in such discrimination.” Read full bill here. One man decided for the entire state he knew best and that there should not be any debate of this bill in the committee of which he was chairman. This is not a representative form of government.
  • He voted in favor of SB1136 (Martial Law). This bill, “amends existing law to revise provisions regarding the authority of the Governor during a state of extreme peril and to provide that the Governor may not alter, adjust, or suspend any provision of Idaho code in certain instances.” Read full bill here. After this bill passed both House and Senate, it went to Gov. Little’s desk, where he vetoed it. It then went back to the Senate floor, where Senator Patrick flipped his vote. What or who changed his mind? Again, this is not a representative form of government.

If Senator Patrick is, “of the people, by the people, for the people,” why is he doing his constituents more harm than good? Who is he representing if it is not his constituents? These actions didn’t harm only District 24 but the entire state of Idaho. People lost jobs and livelihoods. Remember this when he is seeking your vote on May 17th.

I will represent you.

How can you know?

  • I am not afraid to be among you.
  • I will not take any blood money from PACs and corporations that seek to invade in our individual rights.  (Not that they would ever offer it to me because they realize I will always uphold my oath and protect our Liberties.)

In Liberty,