The Journey So Far (Don’t Forget to Vote!)

Today is the last day of knocking on doors…what a journey. It all began about two years ago driving home from an event that I looked over at Tom and said: “I am feeling lead to run against Maxine Bell.” The look on his face was as if he were seeing a green alien from Mars. So we set out in prayer about it for about a year.

I went through a Moses phase, “are you sure Lord I am not a public speaker.” Then I went through a Jonah phase, Lord I don’t want to go to Nineveh, I mean Boise.” It was finally to the point that I was not resting or having peace; I knew I must be obedient.

So I made the commitment and I filed the first papers with my treasurer on July 19, 2017. I hadn’t told many people at this point, but God was putting things in place. I didn’t know at the time I made the commitment that Maxine would be retiring. And I had many people try to discourage me from running, but I knew I must stay the course and be obedient and by me running brings competition and the power to the people for them to choose who they want to represent them.

I really believe God laid this on my heart because He knew she was retiring and since then I was given two new opponents. Out of all the races going on out there, I feel my race has been a very clean competitive race. We are working hard to get our messages out there why we would be the best one for our constituents to send to Boise.

If there was any negative campaigning I hadn’t heard about it. Well, minus someone running over my sign, but there is no evidence it was my opponents, and it is just a sign after all. I always tell everyone they are not my enemies they are my opponents and I believe they feel the same about me.

It has been a lot of work, every sign was painted by Tom and I. Every sign was placed by Tom and I. A lot of research and studying went into this and continues to go on, and the more I study the more I realize public servants can’t know everything about everything and that is why I have worked hard to make relationships with those I will be representing.

So many people with a wealth of knowledge in each of their desired occupations. One other thing I realize when researching and studying, we have drifted off course, and to get back on track is going to take a lot of work and many hands on deck. Citizens need to become more engaged in what is going on we can not continue to turn a blinds eye and expect we will stay on course with just the Captain (Governor) and ship crew (House and Senate). We are all in this S.S. Idahome and we either lend a hand or let it continue to drift off course.

So for starters, get out and vote tomorrow, the Primary is where most of the decisions will be made. You can get a sample ballot online HERE.

Each candidate I believe has a website or FB page, so learn about them to see who you believe will be best suited to fight alongside you to get us back on course and keep us there.

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