I Support Farmers and Ranchers

I am frequently asked if I support farmers and ranchers.

Yes, I have always supported, and not in word alone. I was raised by an amazing farmer/rancher (Don Church) who has taken many local acres of sagebrush land and turned it into productive potato farming land. Through him, I have learned the hard work it takes but also witnessed the joys of seeing your hard work provide for so many.

I also went to Burns Oregon to give support to Dwight Hammond and his son who were turning themselves in for a second time for a back burn. I witnessed a man who reminded me so much of Don, through tears from his front porch, the crowd said, “Don’t go, we will Stand with you.” His reply was “We have to; this is bigger than all of us.”

I also went to Vegas to witness the trial of four of our Idaho men who went to help support the Bundy’s who were fighting to keep their cattle and ranch. I always believed in Ammon Bundy and his family when others did not. Because of their diligence and courage, they did not accept anything but the truth, and they are free today.

So when I am asked do you support farmers and ranchers? ABSOLUTELY!

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