Find out what I was up to in August and where we can meet in September!


  • I attended all the events on my calendar, minus one that I scheduled on the wrong day and time. Note to self: double check times, then check again.  I also attended a few that were not on my calendar that I became aware of after I published my calendar.
  • I attending two of three county commissioner meetings: Twin Falls and Fairfield Counties.  Budgets were discussed mainly.
  • I attended two city council meetings: Hansen & Wendell, again mostly going over budgets.
  • I only attended one school board meeting this Month in Hansen. It is difficult to make it to school board meetings due to the fact most of them are on the same evenings.
  • I was invited to join the Idaho Dairyman’s Association dinner. It was a pleasant evening and they shared a few bills they are looking to present to the legislature. One is a proposal to give drivers licenses to migrant workers without legal approval to live in the United States.  A picture of the paper that shares the information they gave me can be found below.
  • Idaho Transportation Department meetings in Twin Falls and Bliss shared the progress of many of their road and bridge projects. Some are going well and some have had unforeseen troubles, but have been worked out.
  • The Magic Valley Republican Women’s Town Hall was well attended and much appreciated.  Thank you for organizing this for your District 24 Legislators.
  • Idaho Water Users Association organized a water college tour in four locations in Idaho to help educate citizens on how our water system works and issues the association faces. I will share a picture of some of the information they shared with me. What makes the Magic Valley Magic? It is the ground and surface water we all use.
  • I attended the Twin Falls Republican picnic, Twin Falls Farm Bureau meeting, Gooding County Republican meeting, and the Gooding parade and faire booth.


I realize and understand the problem our farmers and dairyman have with employment. I truly believe there is a better solution than rewarding illegal behavior.  It is a slow fade when we give ourselves away.  We are either a country and state of laws or we are not.  There is always a solution without compromising laws that protect us.I would love to hear your personal testimonies on this matter along with ideas and solutions to help our agriculture community. And I know this along with many other issues are very personal; I only ask that we have a civil discussion and listen to understand.

Page 1 facts from one of Idaho’s many irrigation districts.


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Note of appreciation.

I want to thank everyone who has been praying for me, encouraging me, researching for me, & offering your time.  I could not and would not want to do this on my own.   I know God will never leave me nor forsake me.  Seeing that all of you are holding the line with me overwhelms my heart.   It keeps me going!

Special Session

September 1,2022

I will be attending this and I will report back to you on what takes place.  I have been hearing from many of you on what your concerns are regarding this session.   

I will share all I learn but I encourage all of you to show up! Best way to know the truth is be there to witness it for yourselves.

Here is a link to an article I read today I learned that this is not Idaho’s executive branch’s first rodeo. There was a very similar rodeo in 2006, there was just a different cowboy. 

If you can’t click the link above, copy and paste this into your browser:,



Idaho’s rare mineral and resources make it one of the richest states in the Union.  Idahoans, you need to understand what we have and be ready to defend it!

“The Salmon-Challis sits atop what is known as the Idaho Cobalt Belt, a 34-mile-long geological formation of sedimentary rock that contains some of the largest cobalt deposits in the country.”

– Cited from The Atlantic

Even though the city of Twin Falls is not in my district, I was invited to join with others as Travis Rothweiler (Twin Falls City Manager) explained to us the importance of property tax and what it is used for, as well as sales tax.  Included is a chart of sales tax Twin Falls collects compared to other areas.


In September I will continue visiting more county, city and school board meetings, spending time at the Twin Falls County Fair Republican booth, attending fund raisers, holding meetings with any who invite me to learn more about what they need and who they are.I will always attend and listen and learn so that I may best represent my district and Idaho. If I don’t attend something to which I am invite, it will be to fulfill an obligation to something else I already promised.

If I have missed something or if you see I am available and have something you would like me to attend, please email me so I can add it to my calendar.

I work hard to stay in-district, so those events will be added before any outside my district.